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Free Shipping All Over Canada And USA.

Grey Cowhide Rugs

Brazilian Grey Cowhide Rugs

Free Shipping All Over The USA And Canada. 

You will receive the Grey cowhide rug within one to four business days. 


You receive the cow hide rug shown in the picture. 

Grey cowhide rugs and related shades are one of the most unique patterns to find, but our team at boho living room make sure that every few weeks we hand-picked premium Brazilian cowhide rugs. These gray cowhides are individually selected for unique and exotic patterns. 

A lot of shops and designers sell these natural cowhide rugs but most of them do not carry light brindle cowhides or darker grey cow rugs, only because to find the best ones in grey is not an easy job. These grey hides will look amazing in any neutral room or your man cave. 

All these brindle cowhide rugs are hundred percent natural, real, authentic and ethically sourced. There is no strange smell, no staining or wrinkles. 

Our extra large grey cowhides measures about 9 ft long by 7 ft wide. The very centre of these cow rugs carries the most variety of color with the outskirts blending more into lighter white and gray. You may even find some very light suntan in the pelt.

All these Brazilian cowhide rugs are hairs on, are short, smooth and very soft. All these rugs are chromium tanned which makes these extra durable and gives a beautiful shine. 

If you are looking for any particular shade of gray brindle cowhide rug please feel free to send me an email, call or text. 

Thank you very much. 

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