Grey Brindle Cowhide Area Rug 7.3ft x 6.3ft

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You will receive this exotic Brazilian cowhide rug shown.

One of its kind large Brazilian grey brindle cowhide rug.

All our cowhides area free shipping all over the USA.

The size of this gray cowhide rug is approx 88 X 76 inches.

This large grey brindle cowhide rugs are hand finished, chromium tanned, natural and real, very soft and smooth hair on, with back finished to suede. These cowhides are great for wooden floor and layering, there is no need to put anything underneath these. 

These cowhide rugs are perfect for your high traffic boho living room or all kinds of upholstery project, natural and real, with trimmed soft and smooth hair on grey cow hide.

These real cowhide rugs are naturally wrinkle free, stain resistant and the hair do not shed or smell.

Any questions please send me an email.