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Soothing and smooth customized cowhide messenger bag. 

All our cowhide purses and bags are custom-made to order. It takes approx seven to ten business days. 

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Some uses of a cowhide messenger bag.

A cowhide messenger bag is a sleekly designed bag equipped to carry almost everything. Its smart shape makes it look chic to carry over the shoulder. 

The messenger bags trend originates from the bikers or courier guys as a cross-body version of backpacks. They are a more chic type of purses and are a safe way to carry stuff zipped inside it. Cowhide messenger bags have grown in their popularity and can be seen in many shapes and sizes. It is like versatility with style!

If you love messenger bags then Boho Living Room is the right place to be. It offers a variety of cowhide messenger bags you can choose from!

Top uses of Cowhide Messenger Bags

-  Courier Bag

Cowhide Messenger bags are a great use as courier bags. Their spacious nature and strong hold can carry almost anything you want. If you are into delivering couriers or even a foot messenger, then the cowhide courier bag is a must! 

-  College BagThe cowhide messenger bags are an absolute delight to students. A cowhide messenger bag can help a student carry his water bottle, essential books and all the college accessories along. Boho Living Room offers a strong cowhide college bag that has easy to open flips and many compartments and zips to keep your stuff safe. Plus, it helps the students stay organized. 

-  Laptop Bag

Cowhide messenger bags are the best bags to carry laptops. The variety of sizes of messenger bags has made it fit for any type of laptop. There are some cowhide messenger bags that have foam lining to protect the laptops. They have separate compartments to put the laptop essentials such as charger, handsfree etc. 

The cowhide messenger bags become the one place for all your tech-related stuff. So why not?

-  Diaper Bag

The many pockets and compartments in the messenger bag make it a good diaper bag too. It provides separate areas to store diapers, milk bottles, rash creams and everything a child needs on a go. 

The strong and real cowhide diaper bags are easy to carry everywhere without any tension. The cowhide messenger bag when used as a diaper bag can be easily cleaned if any spills.

-    Hospital Bag

Boho Living Room offers genuine cowhide hospital bags too. These are messenger bags that can be used as hospital bags with a very reasonable size and space. It can house the medicines and even a spare dress to change in.  

Boho Living Room 

Boho Living Room offers nine types of messenger bags. These include:

-    Real Cowhide Crossbody Bag Messenger Purse.

-    Cowhide Leather Messenger Bag Dark Brown And White.

-    Genuine Cowhide Postal Bag.

-    Cowhide Messenger Bag Real Hair On Ladies Purse.

-    Cowhide Hospital Bag.

-    Ladies Cowhide Bag Messenger Style.

-    Natural Cowhide Messenger Bag.

-    Cowhide Leather Tote Satchel Shoulder Handbag Lady Hobo Shopping Purse.

-    Real Cowhide Fringe Crossbody Bag.