Collection: Tri Color Cowhide Rugs

Exotic tricolor cowhide rugs to give your room a unique look.

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All these tricolor cowhide rugs are premium Brazilian, genuine, natural and authentic.

TriColor cowhide rugs are a perfect way to add a modern rustic room to your space, these cowhide rug living room are the perfect way to give a unique look to your space or touch of nature to your entryway. These Brazilian cowhides are perfect for all kinds of flooring, upholstery projects, chromium tanned and last for decades.

All these cow skin rugs are handpicked for one of its kind patterns. We select each cowhide rug out of hundred of pieces, we make sure the quality is premium, there are no unnatural imperfections. Our tricolor cowhide rugs are known to be very exotic and special, you will find a mix of spotted to solid to grey patterns.  

All these natural genuine cowhide rugs are authentic and ethically sourced, very soft and smooth hairs on with back finished to suede. We have over two thousand hides in our tanneries, if you are looking for any specific pattern, please feel free to send us a message anytime. 

Tri-color cowhide rugs has more perks than you can imagine. The three colors are nature’s best creation that awestruck one the most. The fine quality and solid color patterns is what make our Tri-color cowhide rugs ever-lasting and a good investment plan. Spreading the Tri-Color Cowhide Rug in your room is like playing dress-up with it. It is a way to adorn the place with a touch of modern aesthetics even when you are old school at heart.

The real cowhide rugs has a quality that lasts over a lifetime. Imagine being emotionally attached to a rug that makes you feel at home wherever you see it. To top it all off, the cowhide rug is the easiest to maintain with no hassle. It is rare that it requires light vacuuming but most of the time it can be cleaned by shaking in the air. Also, they are stain-resistant and can be cleaned after long intervals by a simple wet cloth.

Small cowhide rugs bring versatility to your home like never before. You don’t have to do that long furniture and rug matching. The Tri-color cowhide rug sits well in every interior and furniture. Ranging from plain whites to blingy goldens, a tri-color cowhide rug will always go with it. They can also be used as wall hangings and sofa throws.

A large cowhide rug adds a touch of luxury to your interior. It is royal with the classic hues and the streaks that blend in the intense color and little specks here and there. The Tri-color cowhide rug is finished to perfection with the cut and suede back. Plus, it gives the thermal effect to a room and gives warmth to the feet on a cold morning. That cozy look and effect both are a winner for Tri-color cowhides. The Tri-color rugs come in three shades mixed; both in light and dark tones. The darker tri-color cowhide rugs are best for light wooden floors while lighter tri-color cowhide rugs go well with dark wooden floors.

The natural cowhide rug is the best welcome to your guests with a good impression. It can be placed in the foyer and can resist all the muddy shoes from outside. The stain resistance does not make it look dirty and not even the house. So the house is tidy with this cowhide in your entrance. The Tri-color cowhide prevents echo and the irritating clicking of the heels. It is a good sound absorbent.

The real cowhide rug is known for inviting softness and tenderness to your home. It gives your toes the massage they deserve after a long tiring day. Your pets and children can play around safely and happily without getting harsh carpet prints on them. Even when they lay down.

Thank you very much.