Cowhide Backpack

Beautiful custom made cowhide backpacks. 

Free and fast shipping Worldwide. 

Each cowhide bag is custom made to order and on average takes about seven to ten business days. 

We ship using FedEx/DHL/ups and includes a tracking number.

You will receive a bag similar to the pictures in the listing.

We only use exotic hair on cowhide and premium leather and no two bags are exactly alike.

Each cowhide backpack has its own unique characteristics, markings and patterns. We can also customize and share the pictures of cowhides that will be used to make your favorite bag. 

Reasons why you should buy a cowhide backpack from boholivingroom

Fashions tend to evolve every now and then and we see newer things surfacing the internet every day. One of the uprising trends that has gained a lot of publicity is the cowhide backpack.

One thing about cowhide and leather is confirmed; they never go out of fashion in whatever form they are. It could be a small over the shoulder bag, trendy boots on the runway or a cramped-up backpack; it is always cowhide that takes the lead with its impeccable strength and outclass look. 

Reasons to get cowhide backpacks:

However, there are many reasons why the cowhide backpacks have gained popularity and have never fallen out of fashion. These are enough to convince you to buy one like that.

Unique and exotic:  The cowhide backpacks are made up of cowhide which is different and has no set ‘pattern’. So it makes every piece look different and stand out for itself. You can not mix a backpack with the other at school. In case, it is a cowhide diaper bag for your baby, then you might never mix it with other ones at a nursery. 

Sustainability: The strong withstanding ability of the cowhide diaper backpack makes it even more popular. You could own one and use it so many years, it would still have good quality and speak ‘class’ for you.

Tough built: Just like the cowhide rugs, cowhide backpacks are also of great strength. They do not tear off soon or break the moment you put weight into them. That is why cowhide diaper bags are very famous. They are spacious and strong to put everything a kids requires. The cowhide diaper bags will withstand all weather and years and can serve for your next baby too. They are durable and compliment you with their aesthetic style.

Worth the price: Some of you might be wondering about high-cost cowhide backpacks. But one thing cowhide backpacks guarantee is quality over quantity. The fine texture, finish and durability are worth the cost you put into it. It's a cowhide backpack that will over all friends and family. 

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This cowhide backpack Exactly what you asked for! The quality is great! I love the leather, and the colors of the cow hide were exactly what I wanted.
I love this cowhide diaper backpack the leather handles and the interior pocket. There are less attractive cowhide bags out there for triple the price so I'm thrilled with this purchase!
This will be seriously your favorite cowhide backpack for travel, school or even baby diaper bag, you can carry it everywhere and get nothing but compliments.
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