Collection: Cowhide Shoulder Bags

One-of-a-kind made-to-order real and natural cowhide shoulder bags in many different patterns. 

Each cowhide shoulder bag is custom-made to order and takes approx seven to business days. 

Free and fast shipping. 

A shoulder bag is something every woman owns irrespective of her age, profession and ethnicity. A shoulder bag is an all-rounder. It can be used everywhere; a candid brunch, a shopping spree or an office visit. 

Cowhide shoulder bags are the new cool this season with their unique texture and shape. They are available in various ranges, sizes and prices at Boho Living Room home to the best cowhide rugs.

Every time you see a bunch of women all together, you will definitely spot western shoulder bags. So what makes them special?

The specialty of Cowhide Shoulder Bags

The popularity and extensive use of cowhide shoulder bags have made us all wonder why it is so popular. So let us sneak on some reasons and why are they amazing these ladies:

•    They look stylish

A western cowhide bag makes you look elegant and lets you carry weight both at the same time. You can just slide it on your shoulder and let it complement your outfit altogether. 

•    The convenience

The easy-access to cowhide weekender bags makes it a better choice. The way you can just shove your stuff inside it and go on to your next destination is dreamy. 

•    Long satchel

A thing that attracts most ladies is the long satchel. The long satchel in the cowhide shoulder bag is the strongest part of the bag. It can help you swing on the shoulder or hug you crossbody. Whatever the situation demands. 

•    Lightweight Use

The cowhide crossbody bags with fringe are lightweight to use. The smaller sizes especially are easy to carry when you visit next-door neighbors or just till the town’s grocery shop. The natural cowhide on these shoulder bags makes it look chic even when you stroll around the town’s garden.

•    Easy on the shoulders

The shoulder bags have long satchels and strings that are easier on the shoulder, unlike conventional backpacks. This is very suitable for people with fragile muscles and those who just don’t like carrying weight around.

•    Doesn’t compromise storage

We at Boho Living Room provide shoulder bags in all shapes and sizes. These shoulder bags do not let you compromise storage and provide you space. It provides room for all your essentials, keeping your hands free. 

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