Collection: Grey And White Cowhide Rugs

Lots of beautiful naturals and real grey white cowhide rugs exact what you and your room have been looking for. 

All our cowhides are free shipping all over the USA.

You will receive the cowhide rug the same as shown in the picture. 

Not all the cowhides available online are as good quality as they promise but we at Boho Living Room take pride in the amazing quality of our grey and white rugs.

The best quality cowhide rugs come from Brazil which is known for producing the absolute great hide worldwide. 
A delight to touch. These gray and white cowhide rugs have a very softy and silky hair texture with a suede finishing at the back. 

These grey and white cowhide rugs go through a chromium tanning process, which is more expensive and time taking as compared to vegetable tanning. But the process is worth it and gives a grey brindle cowhide rug a very beautiful shine and soft effect.

Customer choice is our priority and we love to serve our customers. If you wish to add a more personal touch to your space we are at your service with our customization techniques. Just shoot us an email and we will provide your vision a reality with the best quality cowhide rugs!

These grey and white Brazilian cowhide rugs come in different patterns ranging from spotted to cowhide rug to stripped grey on white. You can rummage through our designs to find your best fit.

These cow rugs are a hundred percent natural and real. Sizes range from 5 X 5FT to 9 X 7ft. 

If you are looking for any specific pattern or shade of Brazilian cowhide rug please feel free to send us an email. 

Looking forward to working with you.