Collection: Cowhide Duffle Bag

Gorgeous custom cowhide duffle bags made from super-duper sturdy premium leather and high-quality full hair on hide. 

It takes approx seven to business days to complete each cowhide travel bag. 

Traveling season is not too far and these cowhide bags are perfect for overhead compartments. 

You will receive a cowhide luggage bag similar to the picture.

Why is cowhide the best natural material for Duffle Bags?

Cowhide leather is used to make many products throughout the fashion and work industry. 

What is cowhide?

Cowhide is a type of leather made from the unbleached skin and hair of the cow. It is one of the purest of leathers and naturally made. It is known for its beautiful finish and strength. 

Reasons to buy a cowhide duffle bag

- Strength and resilience:

The strength and resilience of cowhide make it a perfect natural material for a duffle bag. As we all know, duffle bags carry the weight of one’s essentials. A duffle carries all your luggage essentials, so it needs to have the strength to carry the load.

A cowhide duffle bag is a right choice if you wish to carry a bag full of your stuff. A cowhide duffle bag can withstand heavy weights and stays strong. It does not tear off like other weak material.

The cowhide duffle backpacks are durable which can last even decades. Hence, investing in them is a good idea!

-    Timeless style:

Carrying a cowhide duffle bag to your school or a professional work trip; is a timeless style. It gives off a chic and rich look to your luggage and tells more about your good taste than yourself. 

The combination of different patterns and black, brown and white make it look pretty and classic style statement wherever you carry!

-    Protection:

Cowhide duffle bags provide protection to the items inside with their thick outlook. The cowhide is soft and super durable. It prevents any breaking of the items from inside.

Cowhide duffle bags give thermal protection to the items inside. The warmth and insulting texture make it all cozy for the items inside. 

-    Durability:

Cowhide duffle and weekender bags come with the longest durability. They even last for decades without fading or wearing out. They can be used numerous times and they will serve you for the longest time. Cowhide duffle bags are tough and need not to be held with fragility.

They are your go-to duffle bags. Take them wherever you go, whoever you go; cowhide duffle bags serve classicisty.

-    Unique design:

Cowhide duffle bags have unique designs that come from the natural cowhide. This makes it eco-friendly and uniquely designed. They are nothing like the usual boring strips and square designs other bags have.

The cowhide has different prints, so chances are the cowhide weekender bag will never get the same print. This means the chances of getting your bag mixed up are minimum.

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New cowhide travel bag that will be great for overhead compartments, absolutely gorgeous and no two are alike.

Loving this cowhide duffle purse its very well made, soft and smells amazing and is just beautiful and great quality.