Collection: Dark Cowhide Rugs

Dark Cowhide Rugs very soft, smooth and natural.

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Dark cowhide rugs look beautiful in scandi or any western decor. We carry over a hundred shades of Brazilian cowhide rugs, all these cowskin rugs are real and natural. Individually selected and hand-picked, each cow rug comes with its own distinctive pattern and marking that makes these cowhides one of its kind. 

These dark grey cowhide rugs range from approx 5ft by 5ft to 9ft by 7ft. All our cowhides are chromium tanned making these hides very long-lasting and durable, these last on average a decade to two. 

The best part about buying from Boho living room, is you get the exact dark brindle Brazilian cowhide rug shown in the picture. We ship out all orders related to cowhide rugs same business days, and you will receive it within one to four business days anywhere in the World. 

How to select a cowhide rug?

These genuine dark cowhide rugs are not the average quality skin, a huge misconception these days about the cow skin rugs is, these all are the same quality. A lot of matters when selecting cowhide rug, firstly the breed. The best breed of cows are European breed and then these hides are tanned in Brazil. Chromium tanned mastered by Brazilian craftsmen gives these cowhides a beautiful shine and softness. 

How to maintain a cowhide rug. 

These real cowhide rugs are very easy to clean and maintain, if water or wine spills on it, just use a damp cloth combined with a mild soap and water solution and easily wipe away. In case of larger spills just use a towel or two, dry the spot and use the same solution. These cowhides are naturally stain-resistant. You can also vacuum these cowhides use the attachment, moving in the direction of the hairs. Our preferred method is just taking it out in the open and shaking it.