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Woven Rattan Fruit Bowl Basket

Woven Rattan Fruit Bowl Basket

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Elevate your entertaining game with our artisanal woven rattan tray basket. Ideal for serving snacks, fruits, or as a stunning centerpiece. 

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Diameter 20 cm X Height 5 cm

Product color and size may vary slightly since our products are handmade, but you will love our product.

Elevate your home decor with this extraordinary hand-woven rattan fruit bowl. Showcase your favorite fruits in style or set the stage for an unforgettable dinner party with this exceptional centerpiece that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Add a touch of elegance to your home with this beautifully crafted hand-woven rattan fruit bowl. Made from the highest quality rattan, each intricate detail is expertly woven by skilled artisans. This exquisite fruit bowl not only serves as a functional piece but also doubles as a stunning centerpiece for any occasion.

Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand dinner party, this rattan bowl will effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your table setting. Its natural, earthy tones blend seamlessly with any decor style, adding warmth and character to your space. The sturdy construction ensures durability, making it perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

Measuring approximately 20 cm x 5 cm,  this fruit bowl provides ample space for showcasing an assortment of fresh fruits in all their vibrant colors. The open design allows air circulation, ensuring that your fruits remain fresh and ready to enjoy. Its lightweight yet sturdy build makes it easy to transport from the kitchen countertop to the dining table.

Not limited to just fruits, this versatile hand-woven tray basket can be utilized for various purposes throughout your home. Use it as a stylish storage solution for small essentials in your bathroom or bedroom. Alternatively, display decorative items such as dried flowers or potpourri and let its natural beauty shine through.

Investing in this handcrafted rattan fruit bowl means supporting sustainable practices and traditional craftsmanship. Each purchase directly contributes to preserving these skills while uplifting artisans around the world.

Elevate your home decor and add a touch of sophistication with this extraordinary hand-woven rattan fruit bowl. Whether it's adorning your dining area or serving as a functional statement piece in another part of your home, this exquisite woven masterpiece is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests and enrich the ambiance of any space with its timeless charm. 

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