Wicker Round Rattan Bag Brown Handmade Summer Crossbody Purse

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Very beautifully handwoven rattan bag in the star pattern.

All our round rattan bags are free shipping worldwide.

You will receive the bag within two to five business days.

We know it can be both tricky and time-consuming to find bags that are beautiful, authentic and ethically sourced. These boho rattan bags are a perfect accessory to give you the bohemian feel you always wanted. So now as summer is approaching, we can't help but get a head start in bringing out are the latest round rattan bags.

Please Note: All of our rattan, ata and straw bags are handmade and therefore some bags may have slight variations in design, size, colour and hardware/ fastenings. This is a natural occurrence in handcrafted goods. Due to the handcrafted nature, no two designs will be exactly alike.

These bags are handwoven and then smoked over a coconut husk to attain their natural golden look. There is no smokey scent, but if there is, it will disappear over time.

If you are looking for whole, custom design, custom print or any specific character please feel free to send me an email. 

Email: boholivingroom@gmail.com