Dried Water Hyacinth Basket with lid and handle

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Simplify your life and elevate your home decor with our Large Hyacinth Basket. This charming wicker storage basket comes complete with a lid and handle for easy use. 

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- S (small) length 32cm - width 23cm - Height 17cm.

- M (medium) length 37cm - width 28cm - Height 20cm.

- L (large) length 41cm - width 32cm - Height 22cm.

Experience the versatility and elegance of this water hyacinth storage basket. Its stunning design makes it an ideal choice for storing toys, clothes, or any other items you desire. This basket is designed to be your constant companion, thanks to its perfect size and shape. With a convenient handle on top and a protective lid, it guarantees the security of your precious belongings. 

Introducing our water hyacinth storage basket - a versatile and elegant solution to your storage needs. With its stunning design, this basket adds a touch of sophistication to any space while providing ample storage space for toys, clothes, or any other items you desire.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this basket is designed to be your constant companion. Its perfect size and shape make it easy to fit into any corner of your home, ensuring maximum convenience and accessibility. You can effortlessly move it around thanks to the sturdy handle on top, allowing you to effortlessly transport your belongings wherever they need to go.

Worried about the safety of your precious possessions? Our water hyacinth storage basket comes with a protective lid that keeps out dust, dirt, and unwanted pests. This ensures that your items remain in pristine condition at all times.

Not only does this basket offer practicality and functionality, but it also adds an element of natural beauty to your living space. The water hyacinth material boasts a captivating texture and rich tones that instantly elevate the aesthetics of any room.

Invest in our water hyacinth storage basket today and experience the convenience and elegance it brings to your home organization. Upgrade your storage game with this versatile piece that combines style with functionality seamlessly. 

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