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The Nassa shells pendant light chandelier

The Nassa shells pendant light chandelier

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Indulge in luxury lighting that embodies nature's beauty. Discover the enchanting Nassa shells pendant light chandelier and elevate your home's aesthetic. 

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Available in three different sizes. 


MEDIUM 30 cm diameter X 100 cm length.

LARGE. 40 cm diameter X 140 cm length.

X-TRA LARGE 50 cm diameter X 160 cm length.

It's unbelievable, but our Nassa Chandelier is made up of numerous tropical shells that have been meticulously cleaned, sorted, and strung by hand. This lighting fixture is ideal for coastal interiors as it exudes a beachy yet romantic vibe. We simply adore its casual and effortless charm. Crafted in the traditional manner on the island of Java, each light is thoughtfully packaged to ensure no damages occur during transportation. 

Our Nassa Chandelier is truly remarkable. Can you believe that it is composed of countless tropical shells? These shells have been painstakingly cleaned, sorted, and carefully strung by hand to create this stunning lighting fixture. 

Designed with coastal interiors in mind, the Nassa Chandelier effortlessly channels a beachy and romantic ambiance. Its casual charm will instantly transport you to a seaside paradise. 

Crafted in the traditional manner on the enchanting island of Java, each light is meticulously packaged with utmost care. This ensures that when it arrives at your doorstep, it is in perfect condition and ready to illuminate your space with its captivating elegance. 

The attention to detail put into creating the Nassa Chandelier is simply awe-inspiring. From the selection of each shell to the precision in stringing them together, every step is executed with meticulous craftsmanship.

Not only does this chandelier serve as a functional lighting fixture, but it also doubles as a work of art that will enhance any room's decor effortlessly.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of coastal living with our exquisite Nassa Chandelier. Experience its charm and let it whisk you away to the tranquil shores of paradise as soon as you turn it on.

The soft glow emitted by this unique chandelier adds warmth and character to any space, making it perfect for relaxing evenings or romantic dinners.

Whether hung above a dining table or used as a focal point for your living room, the Nassa Chandelier will undoubtedly be a conversation starter and a cherished piece for years to come.

Capture the essence of beachside luxury with our handcrafted Nassa Chandelier - an ethereal blend of nature's treasures transformed into an exquisite treasure for your home. 

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