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The Cowrie Papua Necklace Tribal Set Of Two

The Cowrie Papua Necklace Tribal Set Of Two

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Elevate your fashion game with our cowrie Papua necklace set - two mesmerizing tribal necklaces that capture the essence of bohemian beauty and make a bold statement. 

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Diameter : Smaller one 20 cm and larger one 34 cm.

Height with stand : smaller one 30 cm and larger one 48 cm.

Due to natural product, there will be slight variation. 

These stunning decorations, influenced by the rich heritage of Papuan art, feature meticulously hand-cut Conus shell (Lithoconus leopardus) and delicate cowrie (Monetaria Moneta). They are expertly sewn onto a backdrop of light brown macrame fiber. 

These Papua-inspired pieces transport you into the vibrant world of Papuan traditions, where history, culture, and tradition come together to create a truly immersive experience that goes beyond mere decoration. 

This remarkable feature perfectly complements your coastal or tribal inspired decoration. 

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