Solid Brown Cowhide Duffle bag

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Brown cowhide duffel bag ideal for travel, weekender style for all genders. Perfect for trips, luggage, and shoulder use.

- Material: Genuine cowhide front exterior.

- Colors: Solid Brown

- Features leather, zipper, and detailed craftsmanship.

- Interior: Fully lined with a zipper pocket; main compartment has a zip top closure, with 2 zip-up end pockets.

- Size: Approximately 20 inches (L) x 9.2 inches (H) x 10 inches (W).

- Includes an extendable shoulder strap and handles for shoulder carrying.

- Free shipping available on all cowhide duffle bags.

- Your received cowhide bag will resemble the picture shown.

- Production time: Approximately seven business days for each cowhide purse.

Made with sturdy brown cowhide, this adaptable duffel bag is a must-have for your adventures. Whether you're heading out for a quick weekend escape or a more extended trip, this bag provides ample room and practicality to cater to all your requirements. 

Crafted to cater to individuals of all genders, this versatile piece boasts a durable build and enduring charm that effortlessly complements any escapade. Sporting a traditional weekend bag design, it emanates a subtle sophistication and offers contemporary travelers essential functionalities. 

The bag's generous interior space makes it effortless to pack all your necessary items. Whether it's clothes, toiletries, electronics, or documents, there is ample room for everything you require during your journey. With various compartments and pockets for organization, your belongings will be easily accessible whenever you need them. 

Featuring robust shoulder straps, this duffel bag provides a comfortable way to carry your belongings. Its durable design is built to endure the challenges of travel, whether you're in busy airports or bustling urban areas. You can adjust the straps to your preference for a personalized fit, ensuring maximum comfort during your travels. 

Perfect for group outings with both male and female friends, this versatile bag is crafted to be your reliable companion on all escapades. Whether you're venturing into uncharted territories or returning to beloved spots, its sturdy design guarantees it will stand the test of time. From short weekend getaways to long-haul vacations, this bag is the ultimate travel partner for any wanderer. 

The deep, luxurious shade of the cowhide elevates your travel attire with a sense of elegance. Its classic charm effortlessly pairs with different clothing choices and aesthetics, making it a flexible accessory for any journey. Whether you're navigating bustling airport hubs or settling into a high-end hotel, this bag enhances your style with a touch of sophistication. 

The rich, opulent color of the cowhide enhances your travel outfit with a touch of sophistication. Its timeless allure complements various clothing styles and looks, making it a versatile accessory for any trip. Whether you're weaving through busy airport terminals or checking into a luxurious hotel, this bag adds a hint of elegance to your overall look. 

No matter if you're traveling to faraway places or hitting the road for a quick getaway, this versatile duffel bag is ready for any journey. Its roomy interior and clever design make it an ideal partner for all your adventures. Featuring a classic look and sturdy build, this bag will surely be your trusted travel companion for many years ahead. 

The sturdy duffel bag made of rich brown cowhide is a must-have for every traveler. With its timeless style, strong build, and generous storage capacity, it is the ideal partner for all your adventures. Whether you're venturing into uncharted territory or returning to familiar haunts, this bag guarantees to cater to your requirements with elegance and flair. 

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