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Boho Living Room

Seagrass and banana bark decorative woven mirror

Seagrass and banana bark decorative woven mirror

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Adorn your space with a unique woven mirror, featuring seagrass and banana bark. This decorative piece adds a natural touch to your home decor, blending organic textures seamlessly.

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  • D60: Outer Diameter 23.6" / 60cm - Mirror Diameter 8" / 20-22cm
  • D70: Outer Diameter 27.5" / 70cm - Mirror Diameter 11.8" / 27-29cm


  • Material: Seagrass, banana bark
  • Color: Beige, brown
  • Weight: 1.1kg and 1.9kg
  • All our natural raw materials are sustainably sourced and handcrafted. Slight imperfections and variations in size and color may occur.
  • It takes approximately seven to ten business days to complete each order.

Bohemian Handmade Decorative Woven Mirror

Enhance your living space with the unique charm of our handmade decorative woven mirror made from seagrass and banana bark. This accent round mirror, with its boho design and fringe details, is a perfect blend of natural fibers and artisanal craftsmanship. Its aesthetic appeal and versatility make it an excellent addition to various home decor styles, from coastal and boho to rustic.

Artisanal Craftsmanship and Natural Materials

Our bohemian accent mirror is meticulously handcrafted by local artisans who take pride in their work. The use of natural materials such as seagrass and banana bark ensures each mirror is unique, with slight variations that add to its charm. The seagrass, known for its durability and beautiful natural hues, is carefully woven and sewn to the metal frame, creating a sturdy yet delicate-looking piece. The banana bark adds texture and depth, making this mirror not just a functional item but also a work of art.

Versatile Home Decor Piece

One of the standout features of this boho mirror is its versatility. Its natural fiber construction and fringe design make it suitable for a variety of decor styles:

  • Coastal Decor: The natural elements of seagrass and banana bark complement the light, airy feel of coastal decor. This mirror can be a stunning focal point in a beach house or a coastal-themed room, adding a touch of nature and organic beauty.
  • Boho Decor: For bohemian-themed spaces, this mirror is a must-have. Its eclectic design, combined with the natural materials, fits perfectly with the boho aesthetic, which values handcrafted items and earthy tones.
  • Rustic Decor: The raw, organic feel of the materials used in this mirror makes it an ideal addition to rustic decor. It can add a touch of authenticity and warmth to any rustic-themed space.

Ideal for Various Occasions

This handmade decorative mirror is not just a home decor piece; it also makes for a thoughtful and unique gift. Its versatility and beauty make it suitable for a variety of occasions:

  • Housewarmings: Celebrate a new home with this beautiful mirror, a gift that adds immediate charm and character to any space.
  • Weddings: A perfect gift for newlyweds, this mirror symbolizes the beauty of natural materials and the value of craftsmanship, much like the beauty and strength of a marriage.
  • Birthdays: Whether it's a milestone birthday or just another year to celebrate, this mirror is a unique and thoughtful gift.
  • Valentine's Day: Show your love with a gift that reflects the natural beauty and intricate craftsmanship, much like the unique bond you share.
  • Anniversaries: Mark the special occasion with a gift that is both functional and beautiful, a reminder of the years of love and partnership.
  • Anytime Gift: Sometimes, the best gifts are given for no particular reason. This mirror makes a great gift for him or her, anytime of the year.

Unique Design Elements

The design of this mirror is what sets it apart from other decorative items. The fringe detail around the edge adds a bohemian touch, while the natural fibers provide an earthy, organic feel. The round shape of the mirror is both classic and modern, making it a versatile piece that can fit into any room.

  • Fringe Detail: The fringe around the mirror adds texture and interest, making it a standout piece on any wall. This detail enhances the boho aesthetic and adds a playful touch to the overall design.
  • Natural Fibers: The use of seagrass and banana bark not only makes this mirror eco-friendly but also adds to its unique charm. These materials are known for their durability and natural beauty, ensuring that the mirror will last for years to come.

Easy Integration into Any Space

This decorative mirror is designed to be easy to hang and integrate into any space. Its lightweight construction and built-in hanging mechanism make it simple to place on any wall. Whether you want to create a focal point in your living room, add a decorative touch to your bedroom, or enhance the entryway, this mirror is a perfect choice.

  • Living Room: Place this mirror above a console table or a mantel to create a stunning focal point in your living room. Its natural materials will complement a variety of furniture styles, from modern to vintage.
  • Bedroom: Add a touch of boho charm to your bedroom by hanging this mirror above your dresser or nightstand. The natural fibers will create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a restful night's sleep.
  • Entryway: Make a great first impression by placing this mirror in your entryway. It will add a touch of warmth and welcome your guests with its unique design and natural beauty.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of this handmade mirror, it's important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips for maintaining its beauty:

  • Avoid Moisture: As the mirror is made from natural fibers, it's best to keep it away from excessive moisture. Avoid placing it in bathrooms or areas with high humidity.
  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft cloth or a feather duster to gently remove dust from the mirror and the fringe. This will keep it looking clean and fresh.
  • Handle with Care: When moving the mirror, handle it with care to avoid damaging the delicate fringe and the natural fibers.

A Sustainable Choice

Choosing this handmade decorative mirror also means making a sustainable choice. The use of natural materials such as seagrass and banana bark, along with the handmade process, reduces the environmental impact compared to mass-produced items. By supporting artisans who use traditional methods, you are also contributing to the preservation of these crafts and supporting local economies.

Enhance Your Space Today

Incorporating natural elements into your home decor has never been easier with our handmade decorative woven mirror. Made from seagrass and banana bark, this accent round mirror with fringe is a perfect blend of boho charm and natural beauty. Its versatility makes it ideal for various decor styles, and it is a thoughtful gift for numerous occasions. By choosing this mirror, you are not only enhancing your living space but also supporting sustainable practices and artisanal craftsmanship. Add this unique piece to your home today and enjoy the warmth and character it brings.

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