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Real Waxed Leather Messenger Bag

Real Waxed Leather Messenger Bag

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A sophisticated and stylish messenger bag, perfect for carrying your everyday essentials. Made from real waxed leather, this high-quality bag is built to last.

For the 15" bag (External Dimensions):
(Length) 15.15" or 38.5cm
(Height) 11,2" or 28.5cm
(Width) 3" or 7.5cm
It takes approx seven to ten days to complete each leather bag. 
Customization also available. 
Free shipping.

This is a bag that is extraordinary, with its small and narrow profile, thanks to its saddle leather and waxed canvas composition. The bag can contain any 13" laptop, cables, cell phone, keys, books, and other items you wouldn't imagine could be held within this compact cloth pocket.

Over time, the dyes in waxed canvas slowly age into the leather, resulting in the development of a one-of-a-kind material and hence the astronomical value being enjoyed by leather. Consequently, this fine leather is an excellent contributor to the anatomy of this backpack: the shoulder straps, the bottom, and the lid. 

The waxed canvas and the saddle leather improve as they appear in the photos. Each mark and shade reminds you of the many journeys you’ve taken, traveling the world to learn and discover yourself. These materials serve as photographic film that records past and present. 

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