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Real Natural Ata Rattan Purse

Real Natural Ata Rattan Purse

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Handcrafted half moon purse made from authentic natural ata rattan. Perfect blend of simplicity and elegance for your everyday ensemble.

- Free shipping on all our rattan bags and purses.

- Size: 30cm x 10cm x 10cm

- 100% handmade from rattan by our skilled Balinese craftsmen.

- Features a cotton batik lining with a drawstring closure.

- Comfortable leather shoulder straps.

- Wellmade, durable, lightweight.

- The toasty aroma is temporary and will fade over time.

- All rattan bags are unique; Slight variations may occur in color, size, and pattern from the photos shown.

- Each rattan bag is custom made to order and can take up to seven business days.

Discover the timeless allure of our intricately designed halfmoon rattan bag, carefully handmade to enhance your outfit with organic elegance. Crafted from genuine rattan by skilled artisans, each bag highlights the mastery of ancient techniques. Featuring a stylish halfmoon shape, this bag seamlessly blends practicality with sophistication, creating an ideal accessory for every event. 

The rustic elegance of the rattan's natural texture and earthy hues elevates your style, guaranteeing durability and lasting quality. Whether you're out and about or at a formal gathering, this purse effortlessly enhances your ensemble with a unique charm.

Enhance your fashion sense with the subtle elegance of our genuine rattan handbag, a classic piece that radiates natural charm and pairs seamlessly with any outfit. Embrace the earthy allure and showcase your individuality with our crescent-shaped rattan purse, embodying timeless grace and expert artistry. 

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