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Real Leather Shearling Grey Dyed Sheep Fur Jacket

Real Leather Shearling Grey Dyed Sheep Fur Jacket

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Experience luxury and warmth in our Black Genuine Leather Jacket lined with soft, plush fur. A must-have for cold weather. 

- Free shipping on all our leather jackets

- Handmade with 100% Genuine Leather

- Features faux shearling for warm and soft lining

- Style: Aviator Fur Jacket with full zip & belt closure

- Dry-clean only for maintenance

- Equipped with 2 side pockets

- Designed to protect you in sub-zero temperatures

- Approximate completion time: seven business days per jacket

- Custom sizes and designs available upon request.

My Expertise: With over a decade of crafting premium, authentic custom leather garments, bags, and accessories, I welcome your customization requests. Let's collaborate and craft something truly exceptional!

Presenting our exquisitely designed RAF aviator shearling custom made jacket. This exceptional creation exudes elegance, coziness, and enduring fashion, taking your winter attire to a whole new level of opulence. 

The leather jackets exhibit unmatched artistry, with each one meticulously handcrafted to guarantee precision in every stitch. Our skilled artisans devote over ten years of experience to crafting these exceptional garments, infusing passion and dedication into every aspect of their creation. 

Indulge in the luxurious feel and lasting quality of authentic leather with our premium quality materials. Carefully chosen for their warmth and durability, these materials ensure that your jacket will stand the test of time. The addition of luxuriously soft synthetic sheep fur lining in black offers unparalleled comfort, making this jacket your ultimate defense against the winter cold. 

The Aviator Fur Jacket redefines style with its timeless design that goes beyond fashion trends, bringing a touch of sophistication to any outfit. With a full-zip closure and an additional belt for extra snugness, it not only keeps you warm but also emanates an air of refined charm. 

The jacket combines functionality with style, featuring two side pockets for practicality and convenience. Its meticulously structured design provides reliable protection in sub-zero temperatures, making it an ideal companion for frosty days. 

To keep this leather jacket in top condition, it needs to be dry-cleaned. This meticulous care will help maintain the high quality and softness of the fabric for many years, ensuring that it continues to look great every time you wear it. 

Crafted for Excellence: Our leather jackets are meticulously handcrafted over a period of seven business days, showcasing our unwavering commitment to precision and meticulousness in producing a garment that surpasses all expectations. Additionally, we provide personalized sizing and designs, enabling you to curate a garment that aligns seamlessly with your individual style and tastes. 

We are dedicated to turning your vision into reality through collaboration. Your customization requests, whether for personalized sizing or unique design alterations, are eagerly embraced. Join us on a journey to create a distinctive piece that truly reflects your individuality.

Experience the epitome of luxury with our men's RAF aviator shearling jacket, crafted from premium materials and showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship. Elevate your winter wardrobe with this sophisticated and comfortable garment that exudes timeless style. 

Any questions email us anytime at

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