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real leather holistic detective biker jacket

real leather holistic detective biker jacket

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Explore the iconic real leather holistic detective biker jacket. Genuine leather, customized for him with zipper details.

- Free shipping on all our leather jackets

- Material: Soft lamb Sheepskin leather

- Color: Blue with detailing of black leather on sleeves

- Front zipper closure with high quality original YKK zippers

- Front 2 hand pockets and two chest zipper pockets

- Comfortable viscose lining

- Available in sizes from Small to 4XL. Custom designs and custom sizes on request.

- Takes approximately seven business days to complete each leather jacket

- You will receive a leather jacket similar to the picture.

In our shop, we take great pride in providing a diverse selection of leather jackets that are not only stylish but also guarantee comfort and quality. Our standout product is the supple lamb Sheepskin leather jacket, which has been carefully crafted with attention to detail to embody a blend of modern style and enduring sophistication. 

The quality and longevity of a leather jacket are heavily influenced by the material used. Our jackets are made from supple lamb Sheepskin leather, providing a luxurious sensation and exceptional durability. Opting for Sheepskin leather isn't just a fashion decision; it's about delivering a jacket that endures over time, giving you a timeless garment that matures gracefully. 

Our blue jacket stands out with its unique color combination and black leather detailing on the sleeves. The blend of colors exudes sophistication and boldness, making it a standout addition to any wardrobe. 

Our jacket boasts a key attribute in its front zipper closure, which is outfitted with top-notch original YKK zippers. These zippers serve to not only elevate the visual appeal but also ensure seamless operation and long-lasting performance. They play a significant role in fortifying the jacket's overall resilience, ensuring it can endure the demands of daily use. 

The jacket seamlessly combines practicality and fashion by incorporating two hand pockets at the front and two zippered chest pockets. These pockets serve a dual purpose, not only providing convenient storage for essentials like keys and wallets but also adding a stylish touch to the overall design of the jacket. 

Our leather jackets prioritize comfort as an essential feature, and we have integrated a viscose lining to guarantee a pleasant wearing experience. This lining provides a soft layer against your skin, preventing any discomfort while allowing breathability. 

Our commitment to delivering excellence is reflected in the careful crafting process of each leather jacket, which typically spans seven business days. This meticulous duration allows us to ensure that every detail is meticulously attended to, ultimately producing a finished product that meets our high quality standards. The dedication of time and effort put into crafting each jacket underscores our unwavering dedication to excellence in every piece we create. 

Please be aware that although the jacket you receive will closely resemble the picture, there may be minor differences because of its handmade nature. Nevertheless, these variations contribute to the individuality and charm of each jacket, guaranteeing that you possess a truly unique item. 

The leather jackets we offer seamlessly combine style, comfort, and quality. Every detail, from the materials chosen to the meticulous craftsmanship, is carefully considered to ensure that your jacket not only reflects your personal style but also remains a timeless addition to your wardrobe for many years. 

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