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Real Cowhide Leather Backpack Brown White

Real Cowhide Leather Backpack Brown White

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Discover the perfect combination of style and practicality with this real cowhide leather backpack! 

* Free shipping all over the World

* In this bag front side open with Snap closure 

* Back Side Two Adjustable shoulder belt is given

* Inside One Zipper Pocket is given

* The size of this cowhide bag L=14 H=14 W=4 inch L=36 H=36 W=11 CM

* It takes approx seven to ten business days to complete each cowhide bag 

* Due to unique nature of cowhide you will receive the backpack similar to the picture shown. 

If you're planning a long haul travel outdoors, one of the most important things to consider is the perfect backpack. A real cowhide leather backpack can be your best companion in your journey. Not only will it add a touch of rustic charm to your outfit, but it will also provide you with ample storage space for all your travel essentials.

The multi-pocket design of this type of cowhide backpack is especially useful if you need to carry different items like gadgets, books or water bottles. Additionally, the western style design adds a unique character and makes it stand out from other ordinary bags. The blend of brown and white color gives off an elegant yet rugged appearance that complements any outdoor setting. 

In terms of durability and quality, a cowhide leather bag can last for years when properly taken care of – making it an excellent investment for anyone who loves outdoor adventures. 

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