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Real Cowhide Crossbody Purse With Fringes

Real Cowhide Crossbody Purse With Fringes

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This real cowhide crossbody purse with fringes is the perfect bag for those who want to dress up their outfits while still being able to move around easily and comfortably

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1- Made from Genuine Cowhide Leather.  
2- Natural cowhide. 
3- Made from high-quality leather.  
4- You will receive the bag similar to the picture. Upon request we can share the picture of the cowhide before we start the process.
5- Measurements: 9" X 11" Inches

This medium size cowhide purse makes it a great option for carrying items when you’re out and about, whether you’re running errands or just hanging out with friends. The sleek design of this crossbody purse adds a touch of sophistication, while the fringe detail gives it that extra trendy edge. It has adjustable straps so you can customize the fit according to your body shape, ensuring maximum comfort while looking stylish no matter where you go. 

With its classic style and modern twist, this cowhide crossbody purse will be sure to turn heads whenever you step out of the house! Not only is it fashionable but also incredibly functional; there are pockets inside to store all your necessities without having to worry about them getting lost or misplaced.

All our cowhide bags are custom made to order if you wish to add any specifications please feel free to email me. 


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