Rattan Ata Wicker Backpack

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Embrace summer with our rattan wicker backpack! Perfect for daily use or beach travels, exude laid-back vibes wherever you go.

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- Material: Ata grass rattan and leather; lining: fabric

- Hand wash only

- Natural leather strap may stain light clothing

- Features batik lining inside the bag, with each bag showcasing a unique pattern and color.

- Each rattan bag is custom-made to order and typically shipped within seven days via DHL/FEDEX.

- Dimensions: Height 9 inches; width 10 inches; depth 4 inches approx

- As each rattan backpack is handmade there will be slight.

- This rattan backpack is 100% handmade. There may be slight differences in the size and color of each bag.

Discover our intricately designed rattan backpacks, ideal for your upcoming journey. Handcrafted with precision, each backpack is intricately woven from ata grass by a committed group of local villagers residing near the base of the magnificent Mt. Agung. This age-old method of craftsmanship, handed down over many generations, guarantees that each backpack carries the deep cultural essence of Bali. 

Our rattan backpacks are imbued with a special scent by undergoing a one-of-a-kind smoking process using coconut husks. This results in a subtle aroma of tropical coconut, evoking memories of a faraway paradise. Each inhale will transport you to the tranquil beaches of Bali, regardless of your current location. 

Whether embarking on a day filled with excitement or simply commuting to work, our rattan backpacks infuse a touch of island charm into your travels. Their versatile design makes them ideal companions for both laid-back evenings and hectic days. 

Immerse yourself in the thrill of exploration with our meticulously handcrafted rattan backpacks. Every intricate detail narrates a tale, blending the essence of Bali's heritage with contemporary functionality. When you drape the backpack across your shoulder, you're not just transporting possessions; you're carrying a fragment of Bali, a token of the enchanting surprises that lie ahead at every turn. 

Experience a touch of Bali's enchantment with our rattan backpacks, blending island charm with practicality to elevate your daily adventures. Whether you're a frequent traveler or just yearning for an escape, let our backpacks transport you to the captivating world of Bali. Embrace life's journey with effortless style by your side, courtesy of our rattan backpacks. 

Any questions email us anytime at boholivingroom@gmail.com