Set of 2 Decorative oval dried water hyacinth storage basket with handle

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Get organized in style with these versatile oval wicker storage baskets, complete with convenient handles for easy transport. 

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Sizes : - S (small) length 36cm - width 15cm - Height 10cm.

- L (large) length 40cm - width 20cm - Height 13cm.

Size and color may vary slightly due to the fact that these items are handmade from natural materials.

Crafted from naturally dried water hyacinth, this wicker storage basket serves as a versatile storage solution for snacks, fruit, and drinks. It not only adds aesthetic charm to any space but also enhances the ambiance of your room, dining table, or any other location. 

This wicker storage basket is meticulously handcrafted using water hyacinth, which undergoes a careful natural drying process to ensure its durability and strength. The result is a stunning piece that serves multiple purposes, making it an essential addition to your home decor.

With its spacious interior, this versatile storage solution offers ample room for keeping snacks, fruit, and drinks neatly organized. Whether you use it in the kitchen, living room, or dining area, this basket effortlessly blends functionality with style.

The intricate woven design of the basket exudes sophistication and adds an element of handmade artistry to any space. Its earthy tones and natural texture create a warm and inviting atmosphere while complementing various interior aesthetics.

Thanks to its lightweight construction, you can easily move this wicker storage basket from one location to another as per your convenience. Whether you're hosting a party or simply enjoying a peaceful evening at home, this basket comes in handy for storing refreshments within reach of your guests or family members.

Not only does this storage solution declutter your tabletops and countertops, but it also brings about an undeniable aesthetic charm. Placing it on your dining table filled with fresh fruits adds a rustic touch and creates an appealing focal point for mealtimes.

The water hyacinth material used in the production of this basket not only ensures its sturdiness but also contributes to sustainable living by utilizing renewable resources. By opting for this eco-friendly choice, you are making a positive impact on both the environment and your home decor.

In conclusion, investing in this naturally dried water hyacinth wicker storage basket means adding function and beauty to your space simultaneously. It elevates the ambiance of any room or location while serving as a convenient solution for organizing snacks, fruit, and drinks. 

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