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Boho Living Room

Natural Reddish Brown Cowhide Rug 7ft x 6.6ft

Natural Reddish Brown Cowhide Rug 7ft x 6.6ft

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A natural cowhide rug in beautiful reddish-brown, lots of black and white has a timeless look that works well with any home décor.

You will receive the cowhide rug shown in the picture.

All our cowhide rugs are free shipping all over the USA.

The size of this cowhide rug is approx 85 by 80 inches.

At your doorsteps within one to four days.

All our cowhide rugs are real, natural, authentic and premium Brazilian.

This cowhide rug neutral color pattern and exotic markings will blend seamlessly into your space, while its unique texture adds interest to the room. The durable material also makes it ideal for high-traffic areas such as entryways, living rooms and playrooms.

The design possibilities you can create with this classic piece are endless. You can layer it on top of existing rugs or area carpets in other colors and textures to add a modern touch. It's also perfect for layering over wood floors or hard surfaces to bring some warmth into the room. And if you're looking for something more contemporary, try pairing it with furniture pieces in bolder hues like navy blue or emerald green to really make it pop!

Discover the perfect addition to your home with our exotic cowhide rugs. The highest quality, luxurious and stylish rugs available in the USA! Shop now and transform your living space.


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