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Natural Rattan Shoulder handbag

Natural Rattan Shoulder handbag

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Upgrade your style with our chic and eco-friendly natural rattan shoulder handbag. Perfect for adding a touch of boho flair to any outfit.

All our rattan bags are free shipping all over the World.

Lenght = 20 cm

Height= 20 cm

Width = 8 cm

Every single one of these rattan bags is crafted by hand. No two bags are exactly the same, so there might be slight variations in size and color between each bag.

With its ample storage space, this rattan bag offers the perfect solution for keeping your valuable belongings organized. From your cell phone and wallet to sunglasses and makeup products – this rattan bag has room for everything you need. Handcrafted in Bali using traditional techniques and materials like rattan and coconut husks for preservation purposes; it truly stands out as a one-of-a-kind item. Versatile enough to be used on any occasion – whether it's a casual day out or a fancy evening event – this rattan crossbody bag is the ideal choice. Not only does it make an excellent present for yourself or loved ones but it also supports environmental conservation through its use of eco-friendly vegan leather materials.

Introducing our exquisite natural rattan shoulder handbag, a perfect accessory for any occasion. Handcrafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this rattan bag combines functionality with elegance.

Made from high-quality rattan material, the rattan bag offers durability and longevity without compromising on style. Its neutral color and unique woven pattern add a touch of bohemian charm, making it suitable for both casual outings and special events.

Featuring a round handle, this bag offers comfort while carrying. The roomy interior provides ample space to store all your essentials such as wallet, phone, keys, and makeup items.

The secure closure ensures that your belongings stay safe and protected throughout the day. Additionally, the meticulous design allows easy access to your belongings whenever needed.

The lightweight nature of the rattan bag makes it hassle-free to carry around all day long without causing strain or discomfort. Its versatility allows you to effortlessly pair it with various outfits, whether it's a summer dress or a jeans-and-tee ensemble.

This natural rattan shoulder handbag is not only fashionable but also environmentally friendly as it promotes sustainable fashion practices. By purchasing this bag, you support local artisans who skillfully create these beautiful pieces.

Embrace the beauty of nature with our natural rattan shoulder handbag – an exceptional blend of style and functionality that adds a touch of rustic elegance to your everyday look.

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