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Natural Patchwork Cowhide Delia Area Rug

Natural Patchwork Cowhide Delia Area Rug

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Our natural cowhide patchwork rug will always bring beauty and elegance to your interior. 

Free shipping worldwide.

All our natural cowhide patchwork rugs are hand-stitched, made from real and natural hair on hide and 100% genuine and real leather. These cowhide patchwork rugs are naturally stain-resistant, very easy to maintain and extremely durable. For spills use a sponge with mild soap and little water. Then dry out with a clean cloth. The natural cowhide and premium leather guarantee perfect wear and tear, keeping the soft and heavy quality of your cowhide rug intact for years to come.

Some features of our cowhide patchwork rugs:

Once the order is placed we will contact you right away with the confirmation.  

Custom handmade to order from real hair on cowhide and premium leather. 

The backing is felt with weighted corners so the ends don't peel up.

As these patchwork rugs are made from natural cowhides, there will be a slight difference in the shade. 

If you are browsing for custom size, design, shade and pattern please send me an email and I will contact you right away.

Most of the process is by hand and on average it takes approx three weeks to complete. 

We ship free worldwide door to door. 


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