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Natural Cowhide Rug Extra Small 5.1ft x 5ft

Natural Cowhide Rug Extra Small 5.1ft x 5ft

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This extra small natural cowhide rug in a beautiful tan grey cowhide rug is one of a kind and perfect for any space.

The size of this extra small cowhide rug is approx 62 X 60 Inches. 

You will receive the extra small cowhide rug shown. 

Free shipping all over the USA. 

This real and genuine extra small cowhide rug in a beautiful dark brown is available to adorn your interior from the living room to the kid's room. Features these stunning cowhide rugs all the way from Brazil hand-picked with care. The soft hair and smooth texture make it a treat to your every touch. 

All our extra small cowhide rug goes through a chromium tanning process which produces a fine and beautiful cow hide, back finished with suede making it free from the need for any underlayer. 

These mini cowhides come with the best finishing with no hair shedding, there are no wrinkles, giving it a smooth, fleak and fine look. These are stain-resistant and keep clean at all costs, We guarantee that our cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic do not cause any type of allergies to kids and pets.

The Easy Cleaning

-    These extra small cowhide rugs need low vacuuming and it is easy to go.
-    These natural and authentic small cowhide rugs are the easiest to clean. Just shake them well in the air to get rid of all the dust. 
-    Use a simple wet cloth to rub off any stain if encountered and then it will be ready to go. 
-    Air-dry this authentic cowhide it sunlight if you live in a humid environment. 

Our real and authentic brown extra small cowhide rugs have so many ways to style them. Some of the amazing ideas are:

-    Style these amazing genuine cowhide rugs as wall hanging and coverings.
-    Bring an accent to your living/dining room with these Brazilian cowhide rugs under your coffee table and dining table.
-    Dark brown cowhide rugs are the best for upholstery products and serve the best quality.

- You have spotted the best place for cowhides USA. 

Any questions please feel free to email me at

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