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Light Tan Brown Cowhide Backpack

Light Tan Brown Cowhide Backpack

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Travel with ease using our light tan brown cowhide backpack, also great as a chic nappy or baby bag for busy parents!

- Free shipping on all our cowhide backpacks. 

- The size of this cowhide backpack is approx is 14"H X 12"L X 7.5"W ( inches).

- Each cowhide backpack purse is custom made to order and you will receive a backpack similar to the one shown. 

- 3 side hair on Cowhide.

- Genuine Plain leather on the back.

- Inside Fully lined.

- Zip Compartment inside.

- 2 Side pockets with zip closure.

- Outside Front Zipped pocket.

- All these cowhide backpacks are custom made to order and takes approx seven business days to complete each bag. 

In the midst of bustling urban jungles or across panoramic cityscapes, our light tan brown cowhide backpack steals the limelight. With its blend of categorical style and function, this piece stands out as a trendy accessory for any occasion.

The cowhide backpack doesn't stop at just being a stylish statement. Its practicality is reflected in its versatility as a travel bag - making your journey comfortable while you navigate through airports, train stations, or subway platforms.

Moreover, it effortlessly doubles up as a nappy baby bag. It has ample storage space to accommodate all essential baby supplies including diapers, wipes and extra clothing.

Every cowhide bag we produce is custom made to order that emphasizes on precision and personal touch. With an eye for detail, we ensure that each customer gets a unique piece that directly caters to their particular needs and expectations. Your perfect backpack awaits! 

Any questions feel free to email us anytime.

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