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Round Rattan Bag Ubud Wicker

Round Rattan Bag Ubud Wicker

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Embrace effortless style with a spacious round rattan crossbody bag, perfect for outings, beachwear, and countless occasions!

- Free worldwide shipping on all our Rattan Bags

- Quick delivery: Most bags in stock, reaching you within 2 to 4 business days

- Size specifications: Approximately 20cm in diameter, 10cm in height, with a strap length of 58cm (116cm doubled)

- The Round Ubud Wicker: A classic Balinese design, representing the timeless style of rattan bags, recognized as one of Bali's initial bag designs.

Made with meticulous attention to detail and the rich heritage of Bali, our rattan bags showcase the remarkable craftsmanship of the island's talented artisans. When you begin your quest for the ideal beach bag, you'll come across a multitude of choices on popular online platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, and many more. Yet, within this extensive selection lies a common misconception: not all rattan bags are created with the same level of quality. 

Numerous rattan bags found on these platforms originate from Vietnam or China and feature designs resembling ata, straw, or rattan. However, these materials frequently imitate the authentic versions and lack their durability. The linings also demonstrate lower quality, highlighting the stark contrast between imitation and genuine products. 

In sharp contrast, our rattan bags carry a rich historical legacy. Crafted by hand and treasured by generations of Balinese women, these bags represent an artisanal tradition that has endured for many years. As you explore the world of wicker bags, keep in mind this fundamental principle: the true essence lies in its origins from Bali. Every bag in our assortment is a tribute to this heritage, meticulously crafted on the dynamic island of Bali. 

These rattan bags are made from real rattan and feature genuine leather straps with either Batik prints or white linen linings, showcasing their authenticity and high quality. 

Please be aware that our rattan purses are handmade, so there may be small differences in design, size, color, and hardware. These variations are a natural part of handcrafted items and give each bag its own special appeal. Embrace these distinctions as a sign of the artisan's skill and the authenticity that sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives. 

Crafting these bags is a passionate endeavor, starting with detailed handweaving and ending with smoking over coconut husks. This traditional technique gives the bags their sought-after natural golden color. Any lingering scent from this process will gradually fade, leaving only the mark of exceptional artistry. 

In addition, by selecting a rattan, ata, or straw bag from our collection, you're not just getting a fashion item; you're also contributing to the well-being of people in Indonesia. We work closely with ten to fifteen skilled women from various parts of Bali to source our products, promoting empowerment and sustainability in local communities. 

These rattan bags go beyond being just fashion accessories. They represent tradition, skill, and the rich spirit of Bali. Each bag doesn't just go with you on your journeys, but also tells a story of cultural legacy and artisanal commitment. 

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