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Real Cow Hair Duffel Bag Brown White Gypsy Style

Real Cow Hair Duffel Bag Brown White Gypsy Style

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100% unisex cow hair duffle bags available in many different patterns and shades like tan, beige,  black, light to darker brown and many more.

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Our cow hair duffel bags are spacious enough for travel, special occasions and many more occasions! custom made from real stylish real cowhide leather.

Size of this cowhide bag is height 12", length: 24" Depth: 11 Inch.

One of its kind mostly brown with some white cow hair duffel bag made with delicacy and extreme craftsmanship being experienced over two decades. This cowhide bag is entirely made of cow hide with genuine leather used to make base, handle and the opening. Handles are Locked with overlapping leather clasp which makes this an easy to carry bag. You can also hang this on your shoulder with detachable shoulder adjustable straps fixed with dock lock at the ends. An inside zipper with 2 sides pockets at each end outside is sufficient to keep your belongings & valuables along.


Cowhide Travel Bag Made Of Real Cowhide.
Genuine Leather Details On Straps, Handle, Base & Upper Closure.
Zipper Closure.
Inside Fully Lined With Inside Pocket.
2 Side Pockets.
Detachable Shoulder Strap.
Black & White Cowhide.
It takes approximately one week to get this cowhide duffel bag ready, and further, it takes three to four business days to reach you. 

Shipping is free and tracking is included.

If you are a boutique and would love to purchase these in bulk please feel free to send me an email. 

Any questions please feel free to let me know.


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