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Indoor Marble Chess Set 16 X 16

Indoor Marble Chess Set 16 X 16

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This vintage marble chess set is perfect for adults! Handcrafted with premium marble, it measures 16 inches by 16 inches. Experience a classic game in unparalleled style.

Material 100% Marble

Size 16" x 16"

Color Black and Coral/ Fossil

Handmade Marble Chess Set

A marble chess set is an ideal present or casual chess set for any enthusiast due to its inherent natural beauty, smooth polished finish, and substantial weight. The unique natural veins and swirls of the marble stone make these sets exceptional gift ideas. Unlike most marble sets available, the pieces in this set are nearly Staunton, making them more recognizable as standard chess pieces with good detail. Measuring 13" square, this chess set is large enough to play well and impress on display while still being compact enough to not take up too much space. Marble is a popular choice for gift-giving, so make your next housewarming gift unforgettable. We take great care in packaging and arranging our pieces to ensure that the recipient experiences luxury. 

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