Handwoven Wicker Rattan Crescent Moon Bag

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You will receive the large one of its kind wicker rattan crescent moon bag shown.

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Real rattan half moon bags are only handwoven in Bali.

Large One of its kind wicker rattan crescent moon bag originally used as shopping basket but you can also now used as a display basket, storage basket, picnic basket and even as a wicker planter.

These rattan shopper bags are sourced from Lombok, east of Bali. This is the exact Island where most of the active volcanoes are present. The rich soil is the main cause of the strong and beautiful ata reed. These artists have been handcrafting these bags for generations.

Ata reed is braided and dried in under the sun for several days. Then the bags are smoked on coconut husk, which gives these rattan bags golden tan color.

Most of the time we have this rattan bag in stock and is shipped right away, If it's sold out we will send you an email. 

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