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Boho Living Room

handcrafted large pink sea shells mirror

handcrafted large pink sea shells mirror

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Make a statement in style with our handcrafted large pink sea shells mirror. Crafted with care, this gorgeous piece will be the focal point of any room. 

Free shipping on all our pink sea shells mirror. 

Color: light pink.

Material: 1 row of Snakehead Cowrie Shells (Monetaria Caputserpentis),

3 rows of Sea Snail Shells (Conus Caracteristicus),

cotton macrame, 5 mm mirror and particle board

Dimensions (LxWxH): 50 x 5 x 50 cm And 70 x 5 x 70cm.

As it is no longer solely used for reflection purposes, but also chosen for its decorative value, we proudly present this exquisite mirror. Crafted with shells delicately affixed to a base made of cotton macrame and particle board, and accentuated by its circular shape, it exudes a unique charm that will captivate you instantly. Do not underestimate its light pink shade as being suitable only for a little girl's room; on the contrary, this trendy color will add a touch of sophistication to any contemporary interior. Available in two sizes, do not hesitate to acquire this model that will effortlessly enhance your living space by emanating an aura of tranquility. 

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