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Genuine Leather Messenger Backpack

Genuine Leather Messenger Backpack

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Versatile leather laptop messenger bag for all genders: crossbody, backpack, or handbag options. Satchel style adds functionality to your everyday carry.

- Free shipping on all our leather backpacks.

- Each bag is individually made using cowhide leather and durable, strong canvas lining.

- Handcrafted by experienced craftspeople.

- Size: 18" width x 13" height x 5" depth (Fits laptop up to 17 inches).

- Features one front pocket on top.

- Ideal for office, college, school, or even an overnight trip.

- Includes a convenient handle on top.

- Takes approximately ten business days to complete each leather bag.

- You will receive a leather backpack similar to the picture, not exactly the same.

Our rigorous production process guarantees the quality, longevity, and individuality of every leather briefcase we make. Each leather bag is skillfully crafted from authentic full grain cowhide leather and lined with durable twill, showcasing our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and precision. 

Over time, the leather develops a luxurious patina and grows even more flexible, intensifying in hue and forming a unique personality specific to each bag. Unlike numerous factory-made leather products, our leather bags do not go through chemical processes that could diminish their innate beauty and strength. 

In place of that, we utilize a unique vegetable oil to enrich the deep brown hues of the leather, as well as to offer increased protection against water, guaranteeing that your bag maintains its durability and fashion-forward appearance in all circumstances. The outcome is a leather briefcase that emanates allure, sophistication, and a unique natural aroma that confirms its genuineness. 

Our leather bags are designed with hidden locks tucked under the straps, ensuring both safety and ease of access. With a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, our leather bags offer flexibility, allowing you to carry it as a shoulder bag or a traditional briefcase based on your needs and preferences. 

We go above and beyond to ensure quality in every aspect of our leather briefcases. Our customers appreciate not just the practicality and resilience of our products, but also the enduring sophistication and charm they exude. 

No matter if you're going to work, participating in meetings, or embarking on a business trip, our leather briefcase is tailored to cater to your requirements and enhance your professional appearance. Boasting a roomy interior and well-considered design elements such as numerous compartments and pockets, our briefcase provides generous storage for your necessities, ensuring that you stay orderly and ready for whatever the day holds. 

Our leather briefcase not only serves a practical purpose, but it also makes a bold statement, showcasing your refined taste and admiration for superior craftsmanship. Every element of the briefcase, from its elegant design to its meticulous finishing touches, is thoughtfully crafted to meet the most exacting standards of quality. 

Our leather briefcases are crafted with a focus on longevity, meant to be valued companions as you navigate life's various experiences and achievements. Whether you're starting a new job, pursuing your interests, or managing the daily grind, our briefcases are designed to provide steadfast support, timeless elegance, and lasting durability throughout your journey. 

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