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Genuine Cowhide Rug Taupe Palomino 7.1ft x 6.2ft

Genuine Cowhide Rug Taupe Palomino 7.1ft x 6.2ft

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This taupe palomino cowhide rug is fabulous and super soft, you will like rolling yourself in it and escape this world

The size of this taupe cowhide rug is approx 86 X 78 Inches. 

You will receive the cowhide rug shown. 

All our cowhide rugs are free shipping all over the USA. 

The best cowhide rugs in USA are now available in a stunning taupe palomino, these are the perfect way to add a rustic, yet stylish look to any interior space. This cowhide rug is great for layering and adds visual interest to any room design. Crafted from high-quality genuine cowhide, this rug will last for years and bring beauty and sophistication into your home.

The natural texture of the cowhide provides a unique look, while its light color helps it blend well with other pieces in any room. This luxurious cowhide rug can be used alone or layered over another rug for more texture and depth.

Whether you want to create an inviting entryway or cozy living room, this genuine cowhide rug taupe palomino will help you achieve the desired effect, these rugs are increasingly popular home decor item. Not only do they look beautiful and stylish, but they also provide a soft and luxurious surface to walk on. Unlike other materials commonly used for floor coverings, cowhide has been specially treated to make it incredibly smooth and velvety.

The texture of cowhide rugs is widely appreciated by homeowners who want their floors to feel comfortable underfoot. These cow rugs offer a pleasant cushion that is sure to soothe tired feet after a long day at work. Even better cowhides are incredibly durable and resistant to wear-and-tear – perfect for high traffic areas in your home! Plus, the patterns and colors of these cowhides add character and personality to any room in your house. 

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