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Boho Living Room

Small Cowhide Rug Speckled Brown White 6.4ft x 6.2ft

Small Cowhide Rug Speckled Brown White 6.4ft x 6.2ft

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Explore our selection of extra small cowhide rugs in mostly speckled black, brown, and white. Add a touch of luxury to any room with our unique and high-quality rugs. 

You will receive the real cowhide rug shown. 

The size of this natural cowhide rug approx 77 x 75 Inches. 

Free and fast shipping all over the USA.

Our collection of small cowhide rugs features authentic Brazilian hides that are naturally soft and smooth, with a short and velvety hair texture. These cow hide rugs do not require any rug pad or anti-slip, offering both practicality and luxury. 

Consider opting for a speckled cowhide rug, as it offers numerous benefits that may surprise you. Whether you're looking to enhance your wooden floors or country-style living room, our new cowhide rugs with their abstract shape can bring added emphasis to any space. The solid shade patterns create a chic contrast with the floor, making it an ideal choice for your home. These are the most unique and authentic cowhide rugs in the USA.

Discover the cozy comfort of a charming cowhide rug that brings a touch of warmth to your tired feet at the end of a long day. Transform your furniture with these luxurious cowhide rugs from Boho Living Room, giving them a fresh, soft feel for relaxing and unwinding. 

Speckled cowhide rugs offer versatility beyond traditional floor use. They can be creatively hung on walls and ceilings to make a bold statement, and can even be repurposed to create unique jewelry and other intriguing items. 

Experience the surprising benefits of choosing a speckled cowhide rug for your home décor. With its abstract shape and unique patterns, this rug can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space, whether it's a wooden floor or a cozy country-style living room. The solid shade patterns create a chic contrast with the floor, elevating the overall ambiance. Our collection boasts the most authentic and unique cowhide rugs in the USA, ensuring that your space stands out with an exclusive touch.

Small cowhide rugs are a popular choice for adding a touch of elegance to any room. These cow skin rugs are made from the highest quality cowhides, carefully selected and expertly processed to ensure durability and softness. They come in a variety of natural colors and patterns, making each rug unique. 

Measuring approximately 6x6 feet, small cowhide rugs are versatile and can be used as an accent piece in living rooms, bedrooms, or even as a decorative wall hanging. Their natural texture and luxurious feel add warmth and comfort to any space.

Additionally, the durability of cowhide makes these cow rugs perfect for high-traffic areas, providing both style and practicality. Whether placed under a coffee table or at the foot of the bed, small cowhide rugs create a focal point that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room.

The cowhide rugs from Brazil come in darker tones, making them a versatile addition to any decor. Their natural patterns are enhanced by symmetrical cuts, adding to their beauty. At Boho Living Room, we carefully select hundreds of cowhides from various tanneries in Brazil each month to ensure that we offer the shiniest and most unique options. Putting our customers first is at the core of our operations, as we believe that customer satisfaction is essential to our success. 

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