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Exotic Genuine Leather Firewood Log Carrier

Exotic Genuine Leather Firewood Log Carrier

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Real cowhide leather log carrier for firewood. Vintage, handcrafted, heavy-duty wood bag. Perfect gift for men who appreciate quality and durability.

- Materials: Real Cowhide Leather

- Dimensions: Width: 24 inches x Height: 35 inches

- Free shipping on leather log carrier.

- Approximate seven business days for the completion of each leather firewood carrier.

The portable leather log carrier is a crucial addition to any fireplace setup. It is meticulously crafted from luxurious genuine leather, offering both practicality and visual charm for transporting firewood. Let's delve into the unique features and advantages that make this log carrier an essential part of your fireplace decor and firewood storage solutions. 

Bid farewell to the inconvenience of making numerous trips to transport firewood. Our log carrier is crafted for ease, enabling you to securely move a significant quantity of chopped firewood in a single trip. Its spacious, unified structure removes the necessity for closures, simplifying the process of stacking logs of different sizes inside. Say goodbye to concerns about wood or bark spilling onto your floors while transporting. 

The log carrier's handles are constructed from two durable 3-4mm-thick vegetable-tanned straps with rivets, providing strength and longevity. They are specifically engineered to support a substantial amount of logs while maintaining stability. Additionally, the antique-style buckles on the straps not only contribute to a rustic charm but also elevate the tote's visual appeal. 

The portable leather log carrier offers a convenient and stylish solution for transporting and storing firewood. Its space-saving design allows it to fold flat when not in use, making it easy to store. Whether you need to transport logs to your car, home, or campfire site, this log carrier ensures a hassle-free experience. 

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