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Ethnic Grass Papua Shell Cowrie Necklace

Ethnic Grass Papua Shell Cowrie Necklace

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Embrace the essence of bohemian charm with our handcrafted ethnic grass papua shell cowrie necklace. Elevate your space with this stunning ornament. 

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Dimensions : 40 x 32 cm without stand.

Each papua cowrie necklace is handmade using unique shells and each will vary from other.

Emulating the essence of traditional tribal necklaces, this stunning piece of decoration showcases shells intricately sewn onto a macrame cotton fiber base, embellished with natural dried grass. Signifying affluence, this necklace serves as the ultimate ornamental masterpiece to enhance your living space.

Accompanied by a sleek black metal and wood stand, this Papua necklace serves as more than a mere decoration. It provides an immersive journey into the essence of Papuan traditions, where history, culture, and heritage seamlessly merge. 

Emulating the vibrant spirit of traditional tribal necklaces, this exquisite decorative piece is a true testament to artisanal craftsmanship. Each shell is meticulously sewn onto a macrame cotton fiber base, creating a mesmerizing pattern that showcases the beauty of natural materials. To further enhance its allure, the necklace is embellished with delicate dried grass, adding texture and depth to its design.

Beyond its visual appeal, this necklace carries profound symbolism as well. Symbolizing affluence and prosperity in many cultures, it serves as a distinctive and significant adornment for any living space. Whether displayed in a bedroom, living room, or even an office, the Papua necklace embodies elegance and sophistication.

To ensure its optimal presentation, the necklace comes with a sleek black metal and wood stand. This modern base not only provides stability but also adds an element of contemporary charm to the overall display. Its minimalist design allows the necklace to take center stage while complementing any interior style effortlessly.

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail by skilled artisans, this Papua necklace represents both tradition and innovation. By merging traditional tribal motifs with contemporary styling techniques, it bridges cultural heritage with modern aesthetics seamlessly.

Add this remarkable piece of artistry to your home decor collection today and revel in its timeless beauty. With its captivating combination of shells, macrame cotton fiber base, dried grass accents, and elegant stand, this Papua necklace offers a truly immersive sensory experience that will captivate all who behold it. 

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