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Dark Real Cowhide Backpack

Dark Real Cowhide Backpack

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Whether you need something to carry your things to the office, a school outing or even an evening event, a cowhide backpack is sure to do the job.

All our cowhide backpacks are free shipping worldwide.

The size of this cowhide backpack is 12(L) x 14(H) x 10(W) Inches.

Crafted with genuine leather, these backpacks are designed to provide protection and durability while keeping items safe and secure inside. The classic styling of the cowhide backpack makes it an inherently stylish choice for any situation, while its spacious interior ensures that all of your essential items can fit comfortably inside. With adjustable straps and plenty of pockets, this bag also offers comfortability so it’s easy to wear on any length journey. It also includes zippered compartments as well as small pouches perfect for storing smaller items such as keys or wallets.

* Also Available in Black and white, Brown White, and any other shade of your liking. 

So if you're in the market for a new backpack, be sure to check out customized cowhide backpacks. You won't be disappointed.


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