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Boho Living Room

Spotted Tricolor Cowhide Rug Brown White 6.3ft x 6ft

Spotted Tricolor Cowhide Rug Brown White 6.3ft x 6ft

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Enhance your home decor with a gorgeous brown and white cowhide rug. Create a stylish layered look that will impress. 

All our cowhides are free shipping all over the USA. 

The size of this large tricolor cowhide rug is 76 X 72 inches. 

You will receive the cowhide rug shown.

Looking to enhance the ambiance of your living space, bedroom, or workspace? Look no further than our tricolor cowhide rugs. These one-of-a-kind pieces boast a captivating blend of spotted reddish-brown hues, infusing any room with a distinct charm. Not only are they visually striking, but they also offer a delightful tactile experience - their soft and supple texture invites you to touch and walk on them. Rest assured, each cowhide rug is meticulously selected from our exclusive tannery to guarantee the utmost quality. 

Our selection of cowhides boasts top-notch quality, featuring cow skin rug that is luxuriously smooth, supple, and velvety to the touch. Rest assured, we prioritize ethical sourcing and only offer cowhides that are obtained as a byproduct of the meat industry. 

Upgrade your home decor by adding a touch of elegance with our exquisite brown and white cowhide rug. This stunning piece will instantly elevate the visual appeal of any room, creating a stylish layered look that is bound to impress your guests. Finest quality cowhide rugs available in the USA, our rugs are guaranteed to be of exceptional quality and durability.

Not only do these cowhide rugs enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space, but they also provide a soft and luxurious feel underfoot. Each cowhide rug is carefully selected to ensure that it meets our high standards and adds a natural charm to your home decor.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer free and fast delivery on all orders, making it convenient for you to receive this elegant addition to your home in no time. Whether you choose to place this stunning cowhide rug in your living room as a centerpiece or layer it with other rugs in your bedroom or study, this cow hide rug will make a bold statement wherever it is placed.

The unique pattern and varying shades of brown and white lend an air of sophistication to any style of interior design. Moreover, these cow rugs are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring their longevity while saving you valuable time and effort.

Investing in one of these premium cowhide rugs is not just about improving your home's decor; it's about creating an inviting atmosphere filled with warmth and character. Experience luxury like never before with our top-notch cowhide rugs that exude both style and functionality. 

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