Cowhide Rug Brindle Tricolor 7ft x 6.6ft

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This brindle cowhide rug will look beautiful in any room weather living room or entryway

This cowhide is free shipping all over the USA. 

The size of this tricolor brindle cowhide rug is approx 84 X 80 Inches. 

At your doorsteps on average within one to four business days. 

One of its kind, premium Brazilian cowhide, natural, real, chromium tanned, ethically sourced, hypoallergenic, very soft, smooth, hairs on, back finished to suede, no shedding, no curling and no strange smell. 

All our large brindle cowhide rugs are handpicked and individually selected for the unique and exotic pattern, one of its kind beautiful of tan white with grey stripes. All our cowhides are real and natural, very soft and smooth with back finished to suede. There is no shedding or strange smell.

These real cowhide rugs are chromium-tanned to perfect, making these cowhides last ten to fifteen years easy. 

In short, you have reached the best place buy cowhide rugs, if you are looking for any specific pattern of cowhide, and can't in our selection, please send us an email.