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Cowhide Backpack Light Grey White

Cowhide Backpack Light Grey White

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Experience the elegance of a real cowhide backpack in light grey white, expertly handcrafted for your needs.

- Free shipping on all our cowhide backpacks. 

- The size of this cowhide backpack purse is approx is 14"H X 12"L X 7.5"W ( inches).

- Each cowhide mommy backpack purse is custom made to order and you will receive a backpack similar to the one shown. 

- We will also send you the picture of the speckled cowhide backpack before shipping.

- 3 side hair on Cowhide.

- Genuine Plain leather on the back.

- Inside fully lined and will be matching the outside grey white cowhide. 

- Zip Compartment inside.

- 2 Side pockets with zip closure.

- Outside Front Zipped pocket.

This cow hide backpack is meticulously handcrafted using genuine cowhide in a light grey and white color scheme. It boasts a high-quality construction that retains its softness, making it exceedingly comfortable to use.

Perfect for various lifestyle needs, this cowhide backpack is an ideal choice for everything from adventurous trips to fulfilling mommy duties. Its soft and smooth texture ensures the comfort of carrying all day long without any hassle.

Highly durable due to its authentic cowhide material, this luxuriously soft cowhide backpack underlines practicality with style, making it your daily routine's perfect accessory. No matter your schedule, you can count on this backpack’s intrinsic blend of fashion and functionality. 

Any questions feel free to message us anytime.

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