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Cowhide Backpack Black White

Cowhide Backpack Black White

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This fashionable cowhide backpack is the perfect accessory for any outfit! Enjoy a stylish look and all-day comfort with its adjustable straps and spacious compartments.

Feature of this bag 

* This cowhide backpack has front side open with Snap closure.

* Back side two adjustable shoulder belt is given.

* Inside one zipper and one plain pocket.

* The size of this cowhide backpack is L=12.5 H=13 W=3 Inch L=32 H=35 W=10 CM.

* It takes approx seven to ten business days to complete each cowhide backpack.

* You will receive a cowhide backpack similar to the picture.

*If you are looking for a customized cowhide backpack, please send us the pictures, details and we will get to work on it. 

A cowhide backpack is a stylish, durable and functional accessory that has become increasingly popular among fashion-conscious individuals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Made from high-quality leather sourced from the hide of a cow, these backpacks are known for their tough texture and longevity, which makes them perfect for daily wear or use on hiking trails.

One of the biggest advantages of a cowhide backpack is the durability it offers. This type of leather can withstand wear and tear, making it ideal for carrying heavy loads or long-term use. Its thick and rugged nature also makes it resistant to scratches, scuffs and punctures, adding to its longevity.

Aside from durability, cowhide backpacks offer incredible versatility in terms of design. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors that cater to individual needs and preferences. From compact mini backpacks designed for everyday essentials to large-sized rucksacks with multiple compartments suitable for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

Cowhide leather in general has a unique appearance with varying patterns ranging from solid black or brown to spots or stripes patterned like cow's coat due to their natural origin. These variations make each cowhide bag unique even within the same collection or line.

Our cowhide backpacks features adjustable shoulder straps padded with foam or soft padding for extra comfort during extended periods of wear. Additional features include zippers, buckles, pockets (both inner and outer) luggage tags etc.

On top of being practical and functional cowhide bags that can be used for various purposes like travel or work commutes they also have an undeniable appeal aesthetically - something about rich texture paired with utilitarian design just works!

Any questions feel free to send us an email anytime at

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