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Cooking Apron Leather Genuine

Cooking Apron Leather Genuine

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Premium leather cooking apron with adjustable straps, perfect for protecting your clothes while cooking. Durable and comfortable design for everyday use in the kitchen.

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  • Overall Length: 28.50''
  • Top Width: 11''
  • Centre Width: 19.25''
  • Adjustable Neck and Waist Straps


  • Overall Length: 31.50''
  • Top Width: 11.75''
  • Centre Width: 21''
  • Adjustable Neck and Waist Straps

Our aprons are hand crafted from a premium full grain leather of top quality. Our aprons are 100% leather with adjustable neck and waist belt to ensure the perfect fit. There’s a waist loop suitable for tea towel or pouch and two large pockets.

  • Made from 100% Full-grain Italian leather
  • All day comfort and easy fit: prevent synthetic leather allergy and reactions
  • Full coverage: stay heat protected when tending your BBQ
  • Adjustable neck strap with a metal buckle

Apron of a dense natural leather, ideal for craftsman.

It takes approx seven business days to complete each leather arpron.

The leather apron you will receive will be similar to the picture.

Premium Leather Protective Aprons for Ultimate Protection and Style

Our leather protective aprons are meticulously handcrafted from genuine cowhide, offering unparalleled protection and durability for a variety of professionals and hobbyists. Each apron is made from premium full-grain leather, ensuring top quality and longevity. Whether you're a chef, artist, barista, or grill master, our aprons are designed to provide the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Superior Craftsmanship and Materials

The foundation of our aprons is high-quality full-grain leather, known for its strength and durability. Full-grain leather retains the natural markings and grain of the hide, making each apron unique. This material is not only robust but also develops a beautiful patina over time, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Adjustable Fit for Maximum Comfort

To ensure the perfect fit for every individual, our aprons come with adjustable neck and waist belts. The neck strap can be easily adjusted using the sturdy brass buckle, allowing for a comfortable fit regardless of your height. The waist belt, made from the same high-quality leather, provides a secure fit and can be adjusted to suit your body shape.

Functional Design with Ample Storage

Our aprons are designed with functionality in mind. They feature two large front pockets, perfect for storing tools, utensils, or personal items. Additionally, there's a convenient waist loop suitable for holding a tea towel or pouch, keeping your essential items within easy reach. This practical design makes our aprons ideal for various professionals, from chefs and bartenders to carpenters and mechanics.

Heat-Resistant and Versatile

One of the standout features of our leather aprons is their heat resistance. Unlike linen or cotton, leather provides excellent protection against heat, making it ideal for tasks such as grilling and barbecuing. This makes our aprons a must-have for grill masters and BBQ enthusiasts. The heat resistance also benefits professionals like blacksmiths and welders who work in high-temperature environments.

Ideal for a Range of Professions

Our leather aprons are not just for chefs and grill masters. They are also perfect for:

  • Carpenters and Woodworkers: Protects against sawdust and wood shavings while providing a professional look.
  • Mechanics and Electricians: Offers protection against oil, grease, and sparks, making it ideal for workshop environments.
  • Tattoo Artists and Painters: Keeps your clothes clean from ink and paint splatters.
  • Bartenders and Baristas: Adds a stylish touch while protecting against spills and stains.
  • Blacksmiths and Welders: Provides a barrier against heat and sparks, ensuring safety during metalwork.
  • Butchers and Brewers: Durable enough to withstand the rigors of their trade, while easy to clean.

Our premium leather protective aprons are the ultimate choice for anyone seeking style, durability, and functionality. Made from genuine cowhide, these aprons offer unparalleled protection and a unique look that improves with age. With adjustable straps and ample storage, they are designed to meet the needs of various professionals and hobbyists. Whether you're a chef, woodworker, mechanic, or grill master, our leather aprons provide the perfect blend of comfort and protection.

Upgrade your workwear with our high-quality leather aprons and experience the difference in comfort and style.

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