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Beautiful Large Cow Skin Rug Tricolor 7ft x 6ft

Beautiful Large Cow Skin Rug Tricolor 7ft x 6ft

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Unique large cow skin rug adds rustic charm to any space. Handpicked for its beauty, this one-of-a-kind piece brings natural elegance to your home.

My collection of cowhide rugs originates from the top-quality fields of Brazil, featuring a lustrous sheen and ideal thickness. Every cow skin rug has been carefully selected for its unique patterns and special markings that differentiate it from the rest. Similar to the other cowhides in my assortment, this specific piece is exceptional and unmatched, primarily white with bold black and brown spots. 

Made from natural materials, these cowhides display genuine authenticity, with a surface adorned with short and soft hair and a flawlessly finished suede back. Their high quality eliminates the need for extra padding underneath, making them suitable for all types of flooring and perfect for layering. Built to last, they are ideal for high-traffic areas, offering durability and resilience. Additionally, these cow skin rugs are naturally resistant to stains, ensuring they retain their pristine appearance over time without shedding or unpleasant odors. These are the most unique and authentic cowhide rugs in the USA.

These cow skin rugs are smooth and flexible, making them perfect for using as upholstery, draping over furniture, or as decorative wall hangings. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your nursery or add personality to your home office, these rugs offer a stylish way to enhance any room. These high-quality cow hide rugs have been carefully inspected by experts and customs officials to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence, making them far from ordinary. One of the most unique cowhides USA.

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