Beads And Shells Eclectic Decorative Necklace

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Transform your home decor with our stunning beads and shells eclectic decorative necklace. Perfect for interior styling and farmhouse living. 

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Material: Wooden Beads, Shells, Cotton, Metal.

Stand Size: H 25.9" x W 6.2 - H 66cm x W 16cm.

Stand base size: L 5.5" x W 2.7" - L 14cm x W 7cm.

Necklace size hanging: H 22.8" x W 9" - H 58 x W 23cm.

This item is handmade using raw natural materials which are sustainably sourced. For this reason it could present small imperfections and size and color might slightly differ.

Handcrafted with care by a talented local artisan, this decorative necklace showcases an exquisite blend of shells and wooden beads. Inspired by the necklaces traditionally worn by Papua tribes, it has been transformed into a stunning piece that adds character to any home decor style - be it Boho chic or rustic farmhouse. With its versatility and charm, it makes for an ideal gift on numerous occasions including housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, Valentine's Day celebrations, anniversaries or simply as a thoughtful gesture for him or her throughout the year. 

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