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Beach Bali Rattan Bag

Beach Bali Rattan Bag

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Elevate your style with our original handwoven rattan basket handbag, shopping bag, and tote bag collection. Crafted in beautiful Bali Island.

All our rattan beach bags are free shipping.

The size of this rattan bag is approx 

Width = 27 cm

Height = 26 cm

Thickness = 9 cm

Handle = 11 cm

This stunning rattan bag showcases an elaborate pattern of concentric circles, with a transparent weave along the edges and sides. It is the ideal size for carrying your essential items - phone, wallet, keys, and a couple of lip glosses. The handbag's flat bottom provides structure, allowing it to stand upright and draw attention wherever it is placed. With its elevated yet casual design, this versatile bag effortlessly transitions from day to night, making it perfect for various occasions such as beach outings, parties, brunches, wine tastings, or romantic evenings. 

Our Island Bali Indonesia is home to talented Balinese artisans who handweave this rattan bag using natural Ata reed, a type of rattan. The reed strands are meticulously woven into baskets by skilled artisans, who dedicate up to a month to complete each basket. After the weaving process, the baskets are boiled and left in the sun to dry for a week. To enhance their durability and give these rattan bags a natural finish, the baskets are then smoked over coconut shell clippings. These beautiful rattan bags truly showcase the dedication and craftsmanship of our artisans. Additionally, the inside of the bag is lined with an original Indonesian batik motif, adding to its beauty. 

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