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Balinese bamboo and cowrie shells basket

Balinese bamboo and cowrie shells basket

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Explore Balinese wicker bamboo baskets for a boho touch in your kitchen decor. Handcrafted elegance for your culinary essentials.

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- Approximate sizes:

 - S size:

  - Diameter: 10 cm (4 inches)

  - Height: 12 cm (4.7 inches)

 - M size:

  - Diameter: 13 cm (5.2 inches)

  - Height: 14 cm (5.5 inches)

 - L size:

  - Diameter: 15 cm (6 inches)

  - Height: 16.5 cm (6.5 inches)

- Due to being handmade, colors and sizes may vary slightly.

- Each wicker bamboo basket is custom-made and takes approximately seven to ten business days to craft.

Artisans from East Java, Indonesia have created a stunning coastal bamboo basket that captures the beauty and charm of the seaside. This intricately crafted piece reflects the region's cultural richness and artistic skill, showcasing meticulous detail and craftsmanship. Offered in three sizes, this versatile basket can be used in countless ways to suit your needs while adding a touch of coastal elegance to any setting. 

Every single bamboo basket is intricately made by hand, utilizing natural bamboo and embellished with fragile sea shells, bringing a sense of sophistication and coastal charm to any area. The incorporation of these eco-friendly elements not only elevates the visual appeal but also demonstrates a dedication to sustainable methods, blending seamlessly with the environment. 

The bamboo baskets are a true reflection of the artisans' commitment and mastery that has been passed down through generations. Each delicate weave and shell detail is meticulously crafted to create a product that exudes unparalleled quality and beauty. 

This coastal bamboo basket brings a touch of timeless charm to any setting, whether it's enhancing your home decor, providing stylish storage, or serving as a thoughtful gift. With its natural colors and textures, it captures the serene and peaceful essence of the coast, bringing a slice of coastal beauty into your living environment. 

The coastal bamboo basket not only showcases its beauty but also symbolizes the intricate relationship between humans and nature. Utilizing eco-friendly materials from the nearby surroundings, it promotes a greater respect for the environment and advocates for sustainable consumption habits. 

The coastal bamboo basket's adaptability offers a wide range of uses, from storing household items to showcasing flowers or acting as a focal point for social events. Its versatility transcends boundaries, bringing a touch of coastal allure and coziness to any environment, be it inside or outside. 

The East Java coastal bamboo basket represents a rich legacy of artistry and tradition, blending innovation with cultural heritage. Its intricate design tells a story of nature's timeless beauty and the craftsmanship passed down through generations. These baskets are not just items, but masterpieces that honor the natural materials they are made from and the expertise of their creators. 

Amidst a society driven by mass production and standardization, the artisanal skill of crafting coastal bamboo baskets shines as a symbol of uniqueness and genuineness. It encourages us to pause, admire the charm of flaws, and reestablish our bond with the environment that envelops us. 

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