Brazilian Cowhide Rugs

Brazilian Cowhide Rugs Free Shipping All Over The USA And Canada.

These Brazilian cowhide rugs are trending big time in interior designing to home staging to upholstery. All your doubts will be cleared once you add one of our real cowhide rug in your space. 

All our cowhide area rugs are chromium tanned and hypoallergenic, which makes these rugs very soft, durable and these last for decades. 

The talk of the town is cowhide Rug living room and of course cowhide layering, both these ideas when come together gives your space a truly modern rustic look. 

Sizes ranges from 5ft by 5ft to 9ft by 8ft. 

If you are looking for any specific patterns or sizes please feel free to send me an email.

Any questions:


Some of the shades of hide rugs in stock are as follows: 

Black and white cowhide rug.